[BLOG TOUR] Ignite (Book 1) ~ Spotlight and Author Interview with Jenna Terese!!


What if superhumans weren’t considered heroes?

When Scarlett Marley is attacked by an illegal super with fire powers, she doesn’t get burned, but now she has a fire-like glow flickering in her eyes.

With superpowers criminalized, she has no choice but to turn herself over to the Superhuman Containment Facility, or risk hurting everyone she loves.

Her normal life seems lost forever, until she is selected to be one of the first to receive the experimental cure to destroy her powers. In exchange, she must first complete one mission:

Infiltrate and capture one of the largest gangs of supers in the remains of once-great Rapid City. 

With the cure and all her future at stake, Scarlett is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring these criminals to justice so she can return to her family. But this gang and their leader, Rez, aren’t what everyone says, and Scarlett begins to question everything she was ever told about the SCF and the fire flowing in her veins.

The cure is her only hope for returning her life to what it was before, but is that life worth returning to after all?



“Ignite is a superhero novel like no other. This thought-provoking YA fantasy is wildly creative, inverting everything we’ve come to believe about superpowers. With a unique cast of characters, Jenna Terese explores the deep truths of accepting who we’re designed to be, and the power of forgiving love by transforming our misconception of others. Ignite is a must-read for fans of the Marvel universe.” 

— Sandra Fernandez Rhoads, YA author of Mortal Sight & Realms of Light

“Reminiscent of Shatter Me and X-Men, but with a clever twist, Ignite puts a brilliant spin on the superhero story trope. Jenna Terese’s author voice is absolutely stunning, and I was captivated instantly by the prose. And you cannot help but love Scarlett and relate to her struggle to do the right thing and accept herself and her unique gifts and abilities. I especially love the message of the story and how it encourages us to be true to ourselves, all of ourselves.”

—Hope Bolinger, author of 12 books including the award-winning Blaze trilogy and the Dear Hero duology

“Jenna Terese has taken a genre we all know and given it a gritty, hard-hitting upgrade that forces readers to ponder what would happen if they suddenly became something society despises. Deeply engaging and starkly relevant in our present culture.”  

—Mary Schlegel, author of The PRISM Conspiracy

“Jenna Terese has created an immersive world with an unique take on the world of superhumans, delivering with page-turning action with a message of faith, accepting yourself for what you are, and what it takes to be a hero.”

—Lauren D. Fulter, author of The Unanswered Questions

“Jenna Terese delivers an action-packed story fueled by a stunning plot, lovable characters, and a touch of cunning humor. Taking place in a superhero world with a unique twist, Ignite lures and captures readers from start to finish.”

—Mel Torrefranca, YA author of Leaving Wishville and Capsule

“Ignite is a delightful read! Jenna Terese has created a fascinating world where superpowers are illegal, and she beautifully presents the story of one girl’s internal struggle with her newfound powers. This book is a thrilling, heartfelt adventure full of hope, forgiveness, and second chances that leaves the reader excited for more.”

—C.B. Cook, author of Twinepathy and Lightporter

Author Interview

Welcome to the Ignite Blog Tour, Readers! I had the great pleasure of being able to interview the author, Jenna Terese, and I’m thrilled to share her answers with you! I have been dying to get my hands on this book, so you can expect a review the moment it gets here from Amazon ;D Without further ado, let’s give a great big welcome to the one and only Jenna Terese!

Q: How does your faith affect your writing?

A: I credit God with giving me a strong passion for art in general, and especially storytelling. He’s shown me just how powerful a story is and how it affects the world. I’m not always perfect in this, but I try to listen to God’s guiding voice with my stories to make sure I’m telling them the way He wants it to be told so it can impact every reader. 

Q: Do you have a writing routine (whether it be daily or a general timeline)?

A: It changes every day depending on what I have to get done. I tend to be pretty fluid with my writing routine. I won’t force myself to write unless I’m working on a deadline. But I’m definitely a morning writer. 🙂

Q: Did any books or movies serve as inspiration for Ignite?

A: It was the combination of an image from a movie trailer (can’t remember what movie) and another superhero book I tried to write years ago (that didn’t go anywhere) that sparked Ignite. But, of course, Marvel has been a huge inspiration not just for this book, but for other superhero/superhuman story ideas I have. 😉

Q: What character from Ignite was the hardest to write? 

A: Probably Dr. Bailey. Since he is an antagonist, it’s always hard and interesting at the same time to figure out why he does what he does in the story. Even if I may not like him all that much, I still had to figure out his internal conflict and backstory.

Q: If you could, what would you tell “Jenna of the Past” when she first started her writing journey?

A: I would tell her that she has no idea how hard things will get sometimes. But I’d also tell her that there will be friendships made, milestones conquered, and dreams that come true. I’d tell her to never give up and keep growing as a child of God, because that will influence her writing in years to come.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from writing this book?

A: Two things actually: One, I have a new and stronger appreciation for indie authors out there. I’ve realized how much work and dedication goes into not only finishing a story, but publishing and running an author business. And two, I’ve realized just how wonderful and supportive the writing/reader community is. Their willingness to help and support for nothing in return has really touched me. This experience of publishing would not have been the same without those awesome people.

Q: How have you been celebrating publication? (Congrats again, I can’t say it enough!)

A: By forcing myself to take more breaks. XD Honestly, it really is nice to see everything come together and be able to take breaks after milestones that I’ve been preparing for for months. Besides those breaks, my family did go out to lunch together to celebrate after preorder day. 🙂

Q: Do you have any advice for young writers? 

A: Writing/being a writer has been romanticized. Things will get tough, and you’ll have to get tougher. There will be times when writing is the last thing in the world you want to, inspiration will dry out, and self-doubt and comparison will choke your creativity. Let those hard seasons strengthen you and keep going. Because your art matters and the world needs your stories. 

About Jenna Terese

Jenna Terese believes stories are powerful. That’s why she’s dedicated to creating fiction that will impact the world. You can find this INFP dreaming about the future, fangirling over her favorite books, geeking out about Marvel, playing piano, or sipping a chai tea latte as she writes sci-fi novels.


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