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[Creative Blog Tour] One Week of You + One Week of the Heart ~ Book Reviews, Author Interview, and Intl. Giveaway!

Title: One Week of YouAuthor: Lisa Williams KlinePublisher: Blue Crow BooksPublishing Date: February 1, 2019Genres: Teen/YA ContemporaryPurchase a copy: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | Book DepositoryAdd on Goodreads! SYNOPSIS For Lizzy Winston, one week will change everything. Fifteen-year-old Lizzy Winston has always been a good kid—and she sees the good in most everyone else, […]

August Recap: I Can’t Remember Much To Be Honest

Hey Readers! Question of the month: do I overestimate my flexibility despite having the knowledge that I am not very flexible (literally and figuratively) and neither is my entire life? Yes. Will that stop anytime soon? Probably not. I want to start out by saying that I wish I could tell you what September is […]

[BLOG TOUR] Talland House

TALLAND HOUSEA NovelBy Maggie Humm ● Genre: historical fiction● ISBN (paperback): 978-1-63152-729-6● Price (USD): $16.95 paperback, $9.63 Kindle● Publisher: She Writes Press (distributed by Ingram Publisher Services)● Page count: 256● Publication date: August 18, 2020 TALLAND HOUSE SYNOPSIS Set between 1900 and 1919 in picturesque Cornwall and war-blasted London, Talland House takes Lily Briscoe from […]

Books to Movies: A Discussion Post

Hey Readers! Sorry I haven’t been able to post this week. School finally started and I already have a motherload of work to do XD. We’ll have to see how the next few weeks go in terms of regular posting, but I assure you, once I get settled into school, I’ll be able to post […]

[BLOG TOUR] Chasing Starlight

SYNOPSISMovies, mansions, and murder in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Teri Bailey Black’s Chasing Starlight is a historical mystery from the award-winning author of the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel. 1938. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Palm trees and movie stars. Film studios pumping out musicals, westerns, and gangster films at a furious […]

Impulse Buys: A Flash Fic by Me

So… hi readers. I was very unprepared today XD. First I forgot it was Monday, and then I was like ope I’m supposed to post something today And then I remembered that I hadn’t prepared for the post I had scheduled for today, so I decided to post a list of children’s book recommendations by […]

The Hamilfilm Tag

Hey Readers! Welcome to another Hamilton post! And on a Saturday, too!(Don’t worry guys, we’ll have some more bookish content on Monday, I just needed to release some theatre energy this week XD) I found this tag on Elle’s blog, Geekerella Undercover! I’m super happy she made this, and even though she’s tagged me for […]

I Fangirl About Hamilton Like I’m Running Out of Time

Why hello there! I’m Jaedyn. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t… But I’m a theatre kid. Like, a huge one. Like, I want to be on Broadway when I grow up. I’m also a huge history nerd. I specifically love the American Revolution. When I was in elementary school, I’d pretend to be George […]

Book Review: Legend (Legend #1)

Hey Readers! Here’s a random Wednesday post for you! Don’t worry, I’m still gonna post on Friday, and maybe Saturday as well, if you’re lucky XD. Four posts in one week is a lot, though, so don’t get used to it lol. If anything, as soon as I start school we’ll be on a regular […]

Short Story Swap: Guest Post by Ashlyn Hayes

Hi Readers!! Today we have a new kind of guest post! Today, my fiery friend Ash from over at Best Attempt At Sanity wrote a short story for you guys, and I wrote one over on her blog! She is a fantastic writer (go check her out on Wattpad!!) so you guys are in for […]

[BLOG TOUR] South of the Buttonwood Tree

SYNOPSIS Blue Bishop has a knack for finding lost things. While growing up in charming small-town Buttonwood, Alabama, she’s happened across lost wallets, jewelry, pets, her wandering neighbor, and sometimes, trouble. No one is more surprised than Blue, however, when she comes across an abandoned newborn baby in the woods, just south of a very […]

The Stuck at Home Book Tag!

Dear Readers, I am doing another tag, but I was actually tagged for this one so it’s fine XD. But don’t worry, I’ll have more content-filled posts this month. Today, though, my brain is on very low battery, so we’re going to do something that is relatively easy and that I wanted to do anyway. […]

The WIP Tag: Guest Post by Wiggles’ World

Hello, Readers!! We have another guest post! Today you’ll get to meet my dear friend Sarah Royer, a teen blogger over at Wiggles’ World! We did a tag swap using the Work-In-Progress Tag, which we found here. Without further ado, please welcome Sarah!! 1. What is the working title of your book? “Leaving Royal” is […]

Thrift Store Book Haul!!

Hi Readers! 🎶What’d I miss?🎶 Well, I missed a blog post. But for very good reason: THE HAMILFILM IS ON DISNEY PLUS!!!! I’ve only watched it one and a half times but holy cow I can not handle it. Again, I will be posting a Hamilton rant post very soon because I need to get […]

[COVER REVEAL] Wings of Fury

Hey Readers! Welcome to my very first cover reveal! Today we’ll be unveiling the cover of Emily R. Kings’s Wings of Fury. I can’t wait for you guys to see it! Without further ado… here it is!! Wings of Furyby Emily R. KingPublisher: 47NorthRelease Date: February 16, 2021Genre: Greek & Roman Mythology Retelling Synopsis My […]

The Library Trip: A Definitive Guide

Heyo, Readers! Ah, the library trip. One we’ve made so many times in our life. We enter with our massive TBR…and exit with a stack of books that grabbed our attention as we saw them. This isn’t terrible, but there is a few ways we can make library trips more successful, especially if we can’t […]

The Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hey Readers! Is this a tag? Yes. Is this a Monday and not a Tuesday? Yes. Am I going to file this under Tag Tuesday? Yes. Am I posting this on Monday and not Tuesday because I missed Friday’s post? Yes. Did I miss Friday’s post because I was taking my final exams? Yes. Will […]

[BLOG TOUR] The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones

Hey Readers! Welcome to the FFBC Tour for Daven McQueen’s The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones! Thank you so much to the the FFBC Team and Wattpad for providing me with a copy to review! The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones by Daven McQueenPublisher: Wattpad Books Release Date: June 16, 2020 Genre: Young Adult, Historical […]

[BLOG TOUR] Spotlight: The Last Summer

Hey Readers! Welcome to The Last Summer Blog Tour! If you’re looking for a sweet, casual summer romance, this book is for you! While this wasn’t the most thrilling book I’ve read (though that might be because I’m a sworn mood-reader), it was still a fun story, and I think you guys will enjoy it! […]

The Pros and Cons of Having Multiple WIPs

Hi Readers! Happy Friday, and welcome to a pros-and-cons post! I’ve been thinking a lot about having multiple Works-In-Progress, as I recently started two “side” projects on Wattpad, which I am working on in addition to my novel. It’s been pretty cool so far, but having multiple WIPs can also be pretty difficult. Today we’re […]

The Struggles of Being a Bookworm

Dear Readers, The reading life is wonderful. From cozying up in your beanbag on a rainy day to scouring the shelves of Barnes and Noble, there are many things to love. There is, however, some difficulties to being a bookworm, and sometimes you just have to let it all out. Obviously they are not problematic […]

[BLOG TOUR] A Song Below Water

SYNOPSISTavia is already at odds with the world, forced to keep her siren identity under wraps in a society that wants to keep her kind under lock and key. Never mind she’s also stuck in Portland, Oregon, a city with only a handful of black folk and even fewer of those with magical powers. At […]

May 2020 Recap: Wait for It

Happy June, Readers! May was a wild ride. In a weird, stay at home and don’t touch anyone kind of way. For being at home and very, very annoyed most of the month, I actually…. did things? I don’t know. Let’s see what actually happened, shall we? Summary This month gave off a lot of […]

How to Create a Series Bible (Part Two)

Hey Readers! Welcome to part two of How to Create a Series Bible! If you haven’t read part one or you want a refresher, you can find it right here! Otherwise, let’s get started! Today we’re going to go in-depth on what you need to include in your series Bible. Obviously, a lot of this […]

Writer Bucket List

Dear Readers, Sometimes my brain does things with out telling me. In this case, I had already been planning to do this post today, but I forgot as it was a few weeks ago that I wrote it on my calendar. Last week I started my writer’s notebook and wrote down my bucket list, without […]

Book Review: Carve the Mark (Carve the Mark #1)

Hi Readers! Happy Friday!I hope you guys enjoyed the first ever #JLongBookathon! I read a total of *drumroll please* 905 PAGES! Among those 905 pages was Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, which we’ll be reviewing today. Let me know how you guys did, and if you’d like to do another Readathon sometime! Synopsis In […]

Sorting Book Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Hey Readers! I hope you guys had a good weekend. Mine was kind of all of all over the place but I did manage to get some work done (stay till the end for a tiny announcement + reminder!) At any rate, today we’ve got a pretty fun post: sorting book characters into Hogwarts Houses! […]

The Real Neat Blog Award + Announcement!!

Bonjour, Readers! Yes, I am greeting you in French today. Let’s say I’ve been reading too many Lafayette x Reader fanfictions lately 😂. Today I have two surprises! Okay technically the second one is more of an activity, but I think you guys will be excited to see it. The first surprise is that I […]

Quarantine Book Haul

Happy Monday, Readers! Or Decent Monday. Whatever works for you. I got more books! Now, technically I was supposed to use the money for furnishing my new bedroom, and that is was most of it went towards, and if I hadn’t had to online shop, I assure you I would have spent a lot more […]

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