Hey, Readers!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I’m Jaedyn, you local Hufflepuff, writer, reader and actress! While I may be a teenager, my ambition makes up for my lack of experience :D. My greatest hope is that I can use my gifts to share the love of Jesus with the world. See you around! ❤

[BLOG TOUR] Spotlight: Before the World Changed

Hey Readers! Welcome to my stop for the release tour for Before the World Changed by Anna Grace, hosted by Jen’s Author Assistance! I’m seriously so excited about this book, and I’m thrilled that I get to share it with you guys! Synopsis What’s left when the world falls apart? The only concern on Alli’s […]

The Big List of Books

Hey Readers! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what I’ve been reading/want to read/am reading… or books in general! So today as my official “back to blogging” I’m gonna be doing a bit of recapping–with lists! Because A) lists are fun and B) my brain was a little fried while writing this XD. […]

Book Review: The Kingdom of Back

Hi again! Second review of the day because I have a lot of feelings. (Has anyone seen the “Started making it, had a breadown” meme? Cause that is me.) Anyway lol, I’ve sung Marie Lu’s praises before and I’m here to do it again. Enjoy! Synopsis Born with a gift for music, Nannerl Mozart has […]