Hey, Readers!

Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I’m Jaedyn, you local Hufflepuff, writer, reader and actress! While I may be a teenager, my ambition makes up for my lack of experience :D. My greatest hope is that I can use my gifts to share the love of Jesus with the world. See you around! ❤

An Essay on Bookworms

Hey Readers! So a couple months ago, I wrote an essay for school entitled “The Effects of Being a Bookworm”. I went through about three different topic ideas before I came to this one. This one was basically my “Screw it, this is the only topic I really know anything about” idea. So I went […]

Well That Took A Lot Longer Than I Expected

Hey guys 🙂 I’m back XD. Yeah that took a whole lot longer than I expected it to. It’s probably time to explain myself… Summary So as you guys know, my last post was on September 19. I hinted that I probably wouldn’t be able to post in a while, but little did I know […]